Anechoic Chamber



●  A form of room-with-a-room is optional for achieving a background noise < 10 dBA
●  The inside and outside rooms can be assembled using CA panels with Rw up to 56 dB
●  Fiber-glass and metal wedges for option with lowest cutoff frequency of 50 Hz
●  Low noise ventilation with SPL <20 dBA
●  Floating floor with rubber or other-type vibration isolators
● All parts of CA anechoic chambers certified in compliance with ISO 3745
●  Modularized for easy assembly, disassembly and reassembly without impact on acoustic performance

Typical Application
●  Research, Education, Manufacture, Automotive, Electroacoustics, Communication, Government Departments and Others

Typical Customers
●  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China
●  Qualcomm
●  Alcatel
●  Citizen
●  Audio-Technica
●  Jabil Circuit
●  Inventec Appliances
●  ZTE
●  Peking University
CA perforated Metallic Encapsulated Wedges
After researchers’ development, CA can provide perforated metallic encapsulated wedges (metal wedge). According laboratory testing and built anechoic chamber measurements, CA metal wedge performs the same acoustic behavior with traditional one.
●  Impact resistance with more than 10 years life cycle
●  Without fiber-glass leaked out and without peculiar smell
●  Cleanable surfaces
●  Bright. The color of surfaces can be painted according to your requirement.
●  Reusable for anechoic chambers’ reassembly. Interchangeable and adjustable
●  High fire resistance