Dutc silencers



●  Rectangular or Circular
●  For ventilation or exhuast systems
●  For High-, low- and middle-speed air flow
●  With full database of dynamic insert loss, regenerated noise, pressure head loss

Typical Application
● For outlets and inlets of all ventilation and exhuast systems
● Applicable Power (P): 100-700 kW
● Insert Loss (IL): 20~30 dBA
● Power Loss (P%): <5%
CA Duct Silencer for Air Compressor
● Applicable air flow (F): 1~120 m³/min
CA Duct Silencer for Air Pressure Vessel
● Applicable pressure (P): 2~18 kgf/㎡
● Applicable air flow (F): 1~40 t/h
CA Duct Silencer for Air Outlets and Inlets
●  Applicable power:1500~80000 m³/h
CA Duct Silencer for Clean Room