Acoustics Doors



AD35, AD38, AD40, AD43, AD45, AD48, AD51, AD55

● Magnetic and acoustic sealing
● Without doorsill considering machine and staff entrance
● Cam-lift hinge adopted
● With maximum size up to 4m×5m
● With finish of electrostatic coating or painting
● Fire rated up to 90 min

Acoustic Performance
● With Rw ranging from 35 dB to 55 dB
● All series of CA Acoustic Door are certified by accrredicted independent testing and inspection agencies 
Fire Rating
● CA Fire-rating Acoustic Door is certified by an independent testing and inspection agency to be fire rated up to 90 min, in accord with GB 7633 (IDT ISO 3008 Fire resistance tests -- Door and shutter assemblies)
Typical Application
●  Broadcasting and television studioses
●  Concert halls, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs
●  Museums, hospitals, hotels
●  Schools, offices, research laboratories
●  Etc.
Typical Customers
●  Shanghai World Expo 2010 (China, USA, Australian Pavilions)
●  CCTV (China Central Television) New Building
●  Television Stations in Doha, Ulan Bator
●  BTV (Beijing Television) New Building
●  China Conservatory of Music
●  The Great Hall of the People
●  Ministry of Culture of China
●  CRI (China Radio International)
●  Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
●  Beijing University, Nankai University, etc.
●  Intel, IBM, Motorola, AMD, etc.
●  Others